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 The Gulf Cattleman’s Association is to:

  • Representative of all grazing related issues that arise from the local level
  • Open, transparent and approachable to all grazing related enterprises
  • Identify key shared issues and organise appropriate action
  • Be proactive to avoid crisis
  • Have a strong local engagement and networks
  • Have a strong organised voice in external organisations to carry the local message and solutions forward
  • Draft the "Bullshit" from common sense
  • Provide relevant information to grazier related enterprises
  • Find and maintain resources (cash and human) for operations.

Under the constitution of the Gulf Cattleman's Association the objects of the association are stated as:

  • Advocate on behalf of the graziers regarding grass roots issues
  • Maintain relationships with graziers in river systems drained by the area into the Gulf of Carpentaria.