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As part of the Charter the Gulf Cattleman’s Association works to maintain relationships with graziers in river systems drained by the area into the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The Northern Gulf region covers the area from the Gulf Savannah and Cape York Regions into the Gulf Peninsula (QLD) of west of the Gulf of Carpentaria. The regional area borders both the Central Queensland and Northern Territory.

Our region forms part of the Savannah Way which is aligned with the Top End of Northern Australia.

The Northern Gulf includes the Gilbert, Staaten, Norman, Lynd and Mitchell river systems. Our industry members work and live in the communities across the Gulf inlandThese communities extend from the Tablelands region in the east through to Croydon, Etheridge, Normation and Karumba in the Carpentaria Shire through to areas located in the Burke, Doomadgee and Mornington Shires.